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Alert: Money is being blown out of account even without OTP, cheating in the name of online KYC

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Alert: OTP means one-time password, it is said that this number should not be shared with anyone, because it carries the risk of being fraudulent. Even banks continue to alert customers, but in the latest case there have been cases of money being leaked from the account without OTP (One Time Password). That is, the account holder did not share OTP with anyone, yet was cheated. Actually, online fraudsters are committing this fraud in the name of online KYC app. Know more about this and stay alert

There have been some cases in front of cybercrime in which a phone call is received to the customer and he talks about helping himself to complete the KYC by declaring himself as a representative of the bank. For this, he asks to download an app and gets hacked from mobile. Graham keeps talking on the phone and without OTP, money is blown out of his account.

Fraud calls being made on the pretext of Paytm account

Most such fraud calls are being made on the pretext of Paytm. Customers are told that if they do not complete KYC, then in 24 hours their Paytm account will be closed and their money deposited in it will drown. In panic, the customer does what the cybercriminal says. Traitors are also resorting to the Corona epidemic. The caller says that due to Corona epidemic, he cannot come to anyone’s home for physical verification, due to which this work is being done online.

Download Quick Support even after forgetting

Beware of such fraudsters who use any kind of payment app or online banking on mobile. Do not download any app at their request. One such app is named Quick Sport. It is being cheated by hacking mobile phones through this app.

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