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11 friends build a dagger dagger, China erected on Nepal land

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Notorious for ‘dagging’ neighboring countries with the ‘expansionist policy’, China did not even abandon its recently formed ‘friend’ Nepal. Pretending to be friendly, China first came close to Nepal and now occupied its land and built 11 buildings. After this move of China, the government of Nepal has come into action.

According to media reports in Nepal, China has constructed 11 buildings in a part in the border district of Humla. Nepal has been claiming this area. This has led to a border dispute between the two neighboring countries. A border pillar has been missing since Nepal built a road in this area many years ago and now China has built buildings. According to the officials of Nepal who visited the area recently, in 2005 there was a hut in that area.

Bishnu Bahadur Tamang, president of Namkha Rural Municipality, who visited the area on Sunday along with his team officials, said, “The Chinese side has claimed that the area in which those houses are built comes under their jurisdiction. . “Information on construction of buildings by Chinese security and border forces has been reported to Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

On Sunday, a team led by Chief District Officer Chiranjeebi Giri conducted the inspection. During this time, Chinese security officials claimed that their borders are one kilometer further south of where the buildings are located. However, Tamang said that Nepal’s border is two kilometers further north than the building. At the same time, the Kathmandu Post reported, “One of these 11 buildings in the disputed area is guarded, while the rest are empty.”

Chinese security forces reached trucks, jeeps

As soon as the officials of Nepal reached the spot on Sunday, soon after that the Chinese security forces reached the spot by truck, tanker and jeep. He spoke to Nepali officials using a microphone and asked them to go to the border for talks. Tamang said, “We spent an hour and a half in the disputed area. After arriving there, a Chinese army team and security forces came and said that they could not negotiate within the border. After that we came back from there. “Tamang further said that we claimed that area to be within our border, but he showed us the map showing that it is the area under his boundary.

Home Ministry came into action

The Ministry of Home Affairs came fully into action after getting information about the case. The ministry sent government officials, the head of the security agency, from Humla to local government representatives of Namkha Rural Municipality to conduct inspections and submit a report there. This report is expected by the end of this week. Humla MP Chakka Bahadur Lama says the controversy has arisen after a border pillar went missing in the area. The Lama said, “The dispute will continue until both sides are able to locate the missing Pilar’s location.” About 12 years ago, Pilar was damaged during road construction in the Nepali region.

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