Edible oil: food plate can be expensive, preparations to increase import duty on edible oil

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: In the midst of the Corona crisis, the people of the country are troubled by the double hit of inflation. The latest is coming with edible oils. The government is preparing to increase the on edible oil brought from other countries. There have been two meetings in this regard. It can be agreed in the meeting to be held in September. It is known that only 40 percent of the total requirement in the country is edible oil. The remaining 60 per cent of oil is imported from abroad.

Let me tell you, since the time of lockdown, inflation is becoming unbridled. The biggest reason for this is the increase in freight due to increase in petrol and diesel prices. At the same time, traders also say that even after unlocking has started across the country, many things are not being supplied and their demand has increased.

Soybean and palm oil prices have increased by Rs 80 to 90 in the last month and a half. The edible oil, which was available in Rs 90 packet, is available today for Rs 100.

Tomatoes, potatoes are also crying

Unlocked 1 a month ago, on June 2, Tomato Chillhar was selling for 15 to 20 rupees a kg. Today, tomato is being sold at Rs 1000-1100 carat in bulk and Rs 55 to 60 kg in Chilhar. Potato sold for Rs 20 a kg has reached Rs 30 a kg last month. Although the price of onion is still only Rs 20 per kg.

The impact of freight is also seen on the prices of flour of branded companies. Branded companies selling up to Rs 180 packet (per five kg) during the lockdown period are selling 185 to 190 rupees packet.

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