Dragon scared by Modi government’s action, predicted – less hope of winning in 2024

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The dragon has been dwarfed by the app ban by the Modi government, after months of Chinese tactics in eastern Ladakh. China has voiced various issues ranging from the recent first quarter GDP rate. The neighboring country has predicted that the hopes of the Modi government winning power again in 2024 are very low. 

The Chinese government mouthpiece 'Global Times' has written an article saying that India's GDP growth rate has declined by 23.9 percent in the first quarter of April to June, one of the biggest declines in G20 countries. is. However, it is known to the whole world that due to which there has been a decline in the GDP of many countries including India, America, behind it is the corona virus spread from China to the world. The country has suffered financially due to the lockdown implemented due to Corona virus. 

China has said in the article that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a lot of pressure. The Indian economy is expected to decline by 10 percent this year. At the same time, millions of people can go back to the poverty line. According to the article, the expectation of Prime Minister Modi winning for the third time in 2024 is decreasing, as a large number of Indians have lost business and jobs. Also, Corona virus is wreaking havoc in India.

China gets angry even after apps are banned

China, who has suffered a setback from India at various levels, is also deeply hurt by the banning of apps. China said, 'After the violent clashes in the Galvan Valley on June 15, India announced to ban 59 Chinese apps. This has shaken the economic cooperation of the two countries. New Delhi spoiled its relationship with China to hide its failure to prevent the Corona virus. It is believed that India's economy will suffer further.

What else did China write out of anger?

In the article 'Global Times' it was further stated that a few years ago India was one of the fast emerging economies of the world. The growth rate was more than 7 percent, but after 2017 the pace started to decline. For example - in August last year, the sales of the car had fallen by 33 per cent, the biggest decline in two decades. In such a situation, the challenges before Prime Minister Modi are increasing now.

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