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Donald Trump accepts defeat, approves to start the process of transfer of power

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There have been recent presidential elections in America. Donald Trump has suffered a defeat in this election. At the same time, Joe Biden has been elected as the new President of America. Although Donald Trump was still adamant in the US after the elections were held and was not ready to give up, but now Donald Trump has given approval to start the process of transfer of power in America.

Even after three to four weeks of the US election, it was believed that Donald Trump could reverse the election results. Donald Trump has targeted Joe Biden and his Democratic Party several times after the election results were revealed. 

Donald Trump was not ready to give up after the election results. For this, he also worked on a strategy to challenge the results legally, but that did not work. In such a situation, Donald Trump is now showing his defeat.

Now Donald Trump has approved the process of transferring power to the US General Services of Administration. Donald Trump has said that what should be done, do it. After this, US General Service Administrator Emily Murphy has written a letter to Joe Biden and invited him to join the process of transfer of power.

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