DGP will report daily in WhatsApp group, action will be taken against negligence

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Instant action should be taken on crime related to women and children

In the state, more than four hundred and fifty SHOs will every day to DG Awasthi in the WhatsApp group. There will be crime and action taken on it. The DGP will keep an eye on the group. In any case, action will be taken directly from PHQ if the police investigation or action is weak. On Thursday, DGP Awasthi bluntly told the Thanedars at the Virtual Workshop that they continue to receive complaints from across the state that if the is not written at some place then there is no timely action. It directly affects the victim side. In the workshop itself, the DGP asked one of his subordinates to form a WhatsApp group to which he would be joined along with all the Thanedars. It will have to every day. The DGP said that if the complaint comes, they will send a suspension order directly from the PHQ.

The DGP said that the functioning of the station in-charge will be monitored. Strict action will be taken against the police station in-charge who will not curb the crime. Only one who comes to the police station suffers. The basic job of the police is to provide justice to the victim and to take action against the culprits. Crimes against women and children should be dealt with immediately. There is a need to improve the functioning of police stations. Head of Planning Management RK Vij, DIG Dr. Sanjeev Shukla, SC Dwivedi, AIG Bhavna Gupta also addressed.
Review of work every month
DGP Awasthi told the police in-charge that after a month they would review the work of everyone. Strict action will be taken against those who are unable to control the crimes. Station in-charge will be rewarded for doing good work. Review will be done every month. The main function of the station in-charge is to control the crimes, closely examine the criminals, maintain law and order, establish better coordination between the police and the citizens. Good policing can be done only by winning the trust of the people.

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