Decision:Education Minister Tekam said – there are no circumstances to open schools in the state, children cannot be placed at stake

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According to the Central Guidelines, amidst preparations to open schools for children from 9th to 12th in many states, Chhattisgarh's School Premasai Singh on Friday again clarified that we will take the children as the basis of the center's guide line Will not bet. Schools will not open yet. The final on this will be taken only after discussions with the Health Department and other departments. Dr. that there is no situation to start a school in the state. There are more patients of corona in Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg, Rajnandgaon, Raigad, while in other districts also the situation is not favorable to open a school. He said that children cannot be placed at stake. But we are sitting hand in hand. Preparations are on for the future, departments like Corona Jung in important roles like health, panchayat, urban bodies, After the consultation with all, some decision will be taken. Schools will not be opened at the moment. He has said that according to the rules, many precautions, restrictions, contention zones, infected areas have to be assessed. The first is to get permission from the parents of the children, to decide the percentage of children and teachers in the school. In the present state, arrangements have been made for online studies, studies Tuhar Duwar, studies from speakers, studies from Bulatu etc. Apart from this, the book has been reached to the children, even though the school is not studying, but online education is going on.

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