Covid19 Vaccine: Russia vaccine to be made in India, trial of third phase

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New Delhi. Sputnik-5, a corona vaccine developed in Russia, may be tested for a third phase in is seriously considering this at the request of Russia. With this, five-six companies of the country are ready to produce this vaccine. Prior to this, has given permission for the third phase of the vaccine test of Oxford University. While developed in , Bharat Biotech and Cadila-Zydus vaccine are in Phase II trials.

Russia has requested India for production and trial

According to Dr. VK Paul, Chairman of the High Powered Committee on Vaccine and Member of NITI Aayog, India had made two requests regarding its vaccine in Russia. One, he wants to trial phase-three in India and secondly he wants to produce it on a large scale in collaboration with vaccine-making companies in India.

Dr. Paul said that "India is seriously considering the request of a friend and is talking to three to four companies for this production". According to him, Indian scientists are looking at the data related to the vaccine and if needed, may consider allowing phase three trials.

Three to four companies ready to produce Russian vaccine

It is to be noted that three vaccines are already undergoing trials in India. In these, the registration of people has started for Bharat Biotech vaccine phase-2 trial from Tuesday. While Phase-II trial of Cadila-Zydus is already underway. The third vaccine is from Oxford University, which is going to build the Serum Institute in India. The trial of its third phase will begin next month at 17 locations, with 1600 people being vaccinated. This vaccine is already undergoing trials on 30000 people in the US and 5000 in Brazil.

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