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‘Covid doesn’t exist’, claims Samajwadi Party youth chief

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'Covid does not exist', claims Samajwadi Party youth leader

Speaking in a chat present, Lallantop Adda, hosted by ‘Lallantop’ editor Saurabh Dwivedi in Meerut on November 20, a Samajwadi get together youth chief was heard saying that the Covid pathogen is nothing however a brainchild of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The SP chief named Neha, sitting between the panel of invitees, stated she firmly believes that the virus doesn’t exist and it’s a hype created by the BJP.
Yuva Neta of Samajwaadi Party 🤡— Mr Sinha (@MrSinha_) November 22, 2021
In one of the weird and logic-defying arguments in current recollections, the SP chief, at round 49 minutes into the present, is heard saying, “BJP Covid lekar aayenge. Jab jab chunav aayega tab tab covid aayega” (BJP will deliver Covid. Whenever elections will method, they are going to deliver Covid).”

Almost twenty months after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a world pandemic, that has till at present claimed the lives of as many as 51.5 lakh individuals worldwide, the SP chief, eccentrically, went on to accuse BJP of making and bringing the pathogen to the nation.
Flabberghasted by her principle, the editor of left-leaning digital information media ‘Lallantop’, Saurabh Dwivedi requested the SP chief to reiterate her stand. Extremely assured about her speculation, the SP chief repeated: “Yes, absolutely, it has indeed been brought in by BJP. Whenever elections have been held, Covid has been there. Be it the Bihar polls or the recent Pardhan elections or the Zila panchayat elections in Bihar…”
She added that she is satisfied that Covid is nothing however an election marketing campaign narrative peddled by the Bhartiya Janata Party.
Intrigued by the comment, Saurabh Dwivedi requested the SP chief to additional clarify how BJP has introduced the virus. To show her level, the Samajwadi Party chief confidently questioned the journalist, “Why this pandemic was not there when other parties were in power? The current viral fever is being caused by dengue, but that when elections approach, it will be again caused by Covid.”
Not having the ability to comprehend the outlandish explanations, the Lallantop journalist requested her once more to elaborate on how then, so many Covid instances have been reported worldwide. The SP chief right here stated that she doesn’t learn about the remainder of the world, however in India, Covid has been undoubtedly introduced by the Bhartiya Janta Party.
Interestingly, Saurabh Dwivedi, the disciple of ‘journalist’ Rajdeep Sardesai – maybe one among India’s largest faux information peddlers – has at all times been centered on criticising the BJP, as has his mentor. During this explicit present, nonetheless, Dwivedi was additionally left scratching his head by the weird arguments given by the Samajwadi Party politician in her try to malign the BJP.