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Corona in Chhattisgarh: 8 deaths for the first time in 24 hours, total patients crossed 10,000, PSO and cameraman of Raipur Mayor also infected

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6332 patients found in a month, therefore had to be locked up again

The first patient of Corona was found in Chhattisgarh on 18 March and in only 140 days on Tuesday, the number of patients crossed 10 thousand to 10111. In the case of Corona, the month of July is currently the heaviest in the capital and the state. In this one month only 6332 corona patients were found in the state and due to this, lockdown had to be done again in the state, which continues till now. On the other hand, for the first time in 24 hours, the maximum number of 8 patients have died from Corona. In Raipur, the patient has died in Mohababazar, Gudiyari and another area. Apart from this, 3 patients died from Bilaspur, one patient each from Durg and Bilaspur.
The first case of Corona was found in the capital on March 18 in the state. Since then, only 9 patients were found in March, 32 in April, 459 in May. 2360 patients have been identified in June, 6332 corona in July. July was the peak time for getting patients in the state, in which three times patients have been found since June. Analysis of the data shows that there were only 500 patients in March, April and May. Corona infection has increased in June, July and August and patients are being found in bulk.
246 patients a day in the capital in July only
Experts say that after the relaxation of the lockdown people were free to move out of the house and move around. Crowds also increased in the markets, but people did not take necessary precautions. The reason for this is that from July 7 till now, a maximum of 446 patients have been found from 100. The average patient visit in July is 204 in a day. The corona eruption in the capital also began on July 23, when the number of patients exceeded two hundred for the first time. The next day 246 patients were found, which is the highest number in a day. As of May 31, there were only 15 patients in the capital, which has now increased to 3288. It has 1135 active cases.

The death of 18 is just the second disease of the remaining 52
from the corona. If we talk of deaths from the corona, then the state died first on May 29. So far 70 people have died. Of these, there are 18 people who died only from Corona. While there are 52 who had other diseases with Corona. So far 34 people have lost their lives in Raipur, which is the highest in the state. According to Chest Expert Dr. RK Panda and Senior Physician Dr. Suresh Chandravanshi, if patients are already suffering from other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart, liver and kidney, TB then the risk increases for them. Their deaths are more than three times that of normal people.

373 new cases including 157 infected
Raipur mayor’s PSO and cameraman in Raipur
On Tuesday, 373 new patients have been found in the state including 157 in Raipur. The PSO and cameraman of Mayor Ejaz Dhebar has become corona. After this, the mayor has become quarantined. In the past, his mother, brother and sister-in-law have also been infected with Karona. Then the mayor’s report came negative. Meanwhile, the report of a sentinel of Central Jail has come positive. In the new case, 42 from Durg, 37 from Bastar, 25-25 from Balrampur and Kondagaon, 9 from Surajpur, 6 from Raigad, 5-5 from Rajnandgaon and Mahasamund, 4-4 from Bilaspur and Kanker, Kawardha, Balodabazar, Janjgir-Champa And 2-2 patients from Korea, 1-1 patients have been received from Dhamtari, Jashpur, Narayanpur and Bijapur. 9 patients were found late at night. Among the three people who died in Raipur, a 55-year-old woman from Gudiyari was admitted to Ambedkar Hospital on 3 August after suffering from breathing.

He had pneumonia and died hours later. The 69-year-old man from Mahobabazar was admitted to AIIMS on 31 July. A 35-year-old youth from the capital was admitted to AIIMS on 31 July. He died on Tuesday afternoon. Among those who died in Bilaspur, the Central Jail is a 90-year-old prisoner, 58 and 71-year-old man. The prisoner died before reaching Sims, while a 58-year-old man was suffering from pneumonia. The 75-year-old had difficulty breathing with diabetes. Correna’s infection in the capital is steadily increasing. The Sentinel has been infected earlier in the Central Jail. The doctors of the Cancer and Pediatric Department of Ambedkar Hospital have been infected. Health Department officials say that the kind of trend going on, This is expected to increase the patient. There is a lockdown from 22 July to 6 August. However, during this time, patients are getting like before. Experts say the impact of the lockdown will be seen later. It is decided that during this time the infection in each other has reduced. New patients coming in are getting sick due to contact with already infected patients.

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