Buses will run soon in the state, operators’ tax exemption of 2 months

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Raipur: The state government has agreed to two major demands of the bus operator. Bus owners will not have to pay tax for the next 2 months i.e. September and October. Not only this, the government has also partially agreed to the demand for fare hike. So early now bus operators can start bus services in the state. On Monday, bus operators had a meeting with Transport Minister Mohammad Akbar. At the meeting, the officials of the Traffic Federation and Bus Operators Association presented the main demands of the tax waiver, increase in fare, forgiveness of loan interest and reduction in insurance amount, etc. in front of the Transport Minister. Among these, the demand related to tax waiver and fare increase is related to the state government. Right there In the meeting to be held on Tuesday, it will be decided on which route the buses will run. The transport minister informed the bus operators about the state government's decision to waive tax for 2 months. Also assured to increase the fare. Patron of the Bus Operators Association, Pramod Dubey, said that after waiving the tax, it would be possible for bus operators to start the bus service. Also, after the state government has assured to increase the fare, the huge demand and problem of bus operators will also be removed.

The Transport Minister also assured to reduce the fee of I-Form, which is going on for the current 1000 per 2 months, as per the fee applicable in Madhya Pradesh government. Pramod Dubey said that the Transport Minister has been informed that a letter has been written by the Union to the Central Government in the past, seeking to reduce the premium of third party insurance and waiver of interest in bank loan. Bus operators including Anwar Ali, Bhavesh Dubey were present in the meeting.

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