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Biden Vows Strict Response To Large-scale Cyberattack, Says ‘can’t Let This Go Unanswered’

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US President-elect Joe Biden said on December 22 said that the hackers behind the large-scale cyberattack on US federal agencies must be held accountable and vowed to take stringent action against breach which is unofficially blamed on Russia. Biden not only said that the cyberattack must ‘not be left unanswered’ and assailed President Donald Trump for downplaying the severity of the attack and his general response to the threat. As opposed to Trump, Biden used his pre-holiday season remarks to acknowledge the security breach and his plan to deal with it.

Biden’s remarks came after a key Democratic senator on December 21 added new details about the extent of the breach and said that US Treasury Department email accounts were compromised in what is being suspected as Russian hack. As per CNN report, Senator Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee said in a statement that the committee was informed on the hack by both Treasury and IRS officials and it “appears to be significant” and that “dozens of email accounts were compromised”. Wyden also said that the Treasury is still unaware of all the actions taken by the hackers or what is the stolen information.

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