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    Chief Minister Vijay Rupani participated in the Third edition of Renewable Energy Investors’ Meet and Expo, organised by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy,...

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    As the COVID-19 situation in the national capital continues to remain grim, the Delhi High Court has instructed the AAP government to take a decision on...

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    Narendra Modi on Thursday mooted a KYC drive--'Know Your Constitution'--to popularise the document similar to the KYC (know your customer) practice in the corporate world...

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    With preparations for vaccine development and distribution reaching an advanced stage in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday will embark on a three-city tour...

    November 27, 2020

    Baghel encouraged by talking on telephone to the police personnel who were doing duty day and night during the lockdown

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    Speech Synthesis

    RAIPUR. Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today telephoned from his residence office to know the well being of the policemen who were doing hard duty day and night during the lockdown implemented to prevent the infection of Corona virus. He apprised the police personnel about the difficulties and facilities being provided and told them that you have the important responsibility to defeat the corona on your shoulder.
    Mr. Baghel told the policemen that your work is very important. You have the responsibility to protect the corona virus from spreading on your shoulders, if you discharge your responsibility well, then we will surely be able to beat the corona. You all are doing a great job. Remember, there is no significant challenge, you are standing in the first line in the service of humanity, your contribution will always be remembered. During the discharge of your duties, you should strictly follow all measures to protect against Kovid-19, including social distancing.
    Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, SI Yudhishthira Dhruv, who is performing duty at the Continental Center at Nimora near Raipur, Mr. Arvind Singh, Head Constable, Bilaspur, Mrs. Yasmin Khan, female constable paying duty at Supaela, Durg, Mrs. Sunita Sahu, SI, Dantewada and Talked very affectionately with ASI Mr. Pushparaj Singh, who is giving duty in the border area of ​​Balrampur district and Emboldened.
    The Chief Minister asked these policemen where is your duty, how are you treating those who violated the lock down. He also inquired about the arrangements for the policemen's food. Mr. Baghel told these policemen that your health is very important to us. In the battle with Corona, you are stationed on the first line, perform duty while protecting yourself. He also said that after going home from duty, he first met the family members after taking bath.
    The Chief Minister asked Yasmin Khan, a female constable who was on duty at Supaela Bhilai, to take action against those who violated the lock down. Mrs. Yasmin Khan said that she tries to convince them, asks if there is any urgent work, then go ahead, otherwise go back to your home. He told that she goes on duty from home. Mr. Pushparaj Singh, posted at Basantpur police station in Balrampur district, is giving duty at the Dhanbad border, he told the Chief Minister that there are three teams on the border, one of which is a team of doctors, a team of revenue officers and one of forest department officials. Is the team. He told that the lock down is being followed completely and they are giving duty in 3 shifts.
    Head Constable Mr. Arvind Singh, who was giving duty at Tarabahar police station of Bilaspur, told the Chief Minister that the lockdown was being followed completely, where police department officials served tea-snacks and meals for both the soldiers on duty. Has arranged.
    ASI Mr. Yudhishthira Dhruv, who is giving duty at the continent center in Nimora, told the Chief Minister that he is following the lock down from the people living in this center, who go out, explain and send them back to the center. They said that their tea, breakfast and food have been well managed, and they are satisfied. The Chief Minister told him that all of you are doing a great job, follow social distancing and take care of your health as well. Smt. Sunita Sahu, ASI posted at Kotwali police station in Dantewada, told the Chief Minister that she is paying duty in the patrolling party, barricades have been installed in different places. Explaining to those who violate the lock down and sending them back. He said that there is a good arrangement of food here, water and glucose have also been arranged for the people paying duty

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