AMD’s high-end Navi GPU could be 30% faster than Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti, rumor hints

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An unknown graphics card has been spotted in a VR benchmark, and it blows away Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, with some speculation arguing that this could be AMD’s unreleased ‘big Navi’ GPU that's rumored to launch this year.

In fact, at CES 2020, AMD’s CEO has just been talking about how a high-end Navi GPU is in the pipeline, implying it will turn up in 2020, and the benchmark result is certainly in line with an ‘Nvidia killer’ graphics card.

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Of course, we need to chuck a load of salt around here – definitely don’t be shy with that shaker – because the benchmark and machine spec are rather odd in some respects. As spotted on Reddit, and highlighted by Videocardz, the OpenVR benchmark shows an unknown AMD Radeon Graphics solution outperforming the fastest RTX 2080 Ti in the database by 17%.

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