Amazing feature added to Google Meet, will get rid of unwanted voice during video calling

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New Delhi, Legendary tech giant Google has added a new feature to its home-based users, called Google Cancellation, to facilitate home-working users. Through this feature, both Android and iOS users will be able to stop the noise generated in the background during the video call. For your information, let us know that the company released this feature for the desktop version in June.  

According to Google's official blog, the GSuite team says that the new noise cancellation feature of Google Meat is based on artificial intelligence technology. This feature has been released for Android and iOS mobile users. Through this feature, users will be able to stop pets in the background and the sound coming from the nearby construction site during the video call. However, this feature is not available for G Suite Basic, G Suite for Non-Profit Customers and G Suite for Education.

How to use this feature 

This feature is turned off by default. To activate it, you have to tap on the More given in the Settings. After which the Noise Cancellation feature will start.

Google's The Anywhere School 

Google launched a new initiative called 'The Anywhere School' in August to make children's education more convenient. In this, users will get one or not 50 new features. Users can avail them on Meet, Classroom, G Suite and other platforms of Google. According to the company, over the past several months in the world, the education community has never missed its commitment to learn and support students. But Google has worked on tools that lighten the load of teachers, school leaders, families, and especially students who want to learn many new things at home as well as learn. Google will also release new controls so that users can always choose to join first, last meetings for all participants, disable in-meeting chat, and more. In October,  

With the help of 'The Anywhere School' service launched by Google, children will not have to bear the burden of education. Soon the company will also introduce breakout room and attendant tracking. Google's new initiative has also introduced 50 new features to facilitate users. Which makes the Meet, Classroom, G Suite etc. platforms more secure and safe than before. In this, teachers can share links for classes to children. Which will make it easier for children to attend class.

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