After the oil and gas in the desert of Rajasthan, there is a huge stock of water

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Jaipur,After the oil and gas in the sandy deserts of the famous Rajasthan desert have found a huge reservoir of water to crave for water. In the search made by geologists, Madura Barwala of Barmer district of the state bordering the Pakistan border has found a small ocean of water, which has 4 thousand 800 news liter water. This reservoir of water extends from Barmer to Jalore district.

This water present in the underground is saline, it has high salinity. Scientists believe that this water can be made potable on the lines of Gulf countries. Geologists estimate that this water can quench the thirst for several years of a population of 1 million. Cairn Energy has been searching for oil and gas in the desert for a long time. A treasure of water has been found during this search.

Rajasthan Revenue Minister Harish Chaudhary says that the Union Water Power Ministry should work in this direction, so that the needy can get water. According to geologist Anil Paliwal, based on petrochemical data, seismic surveys and detailed hydro geological investigations, the Cairn Oil and Gas Company has discovered Thumbali water deposits in the Barmer Basin. The spread of this water found in the Madpura Barwala area near Baytu in Barmer district ranges from Baytu, Shiva, Barmer, Gudmalani to Sanchore and Kurd in Jalore district. Its depth ranges from 350 to 1500 meters above the surface of the land.

Use of reduced salinity

Geologists believe that the amount of salt in drinking water in general is valid up to 1000 mg per liter, but the water reserves found in the desert range from a minimum of 5,000 to 20,000 mg per liter. Officials of the state's water resources department say that in the United Arab Emirates, apart from the Gulf countries, the salinity of seawater is 35,000 milligrams per liter or more. In the UAE, de-salinization work is being done through solar energy.

Officials of the Department of Water Resources and Care India Energy say that this store of water is more than what was estimated. If salinity is reduced and it is used, then the problem of pestilence of the desert will be solved permanently. The Barmer-Sanchore Basin area of ​​the state is spread over 3111 km किमी. Here in the year 2004, the country's largest oil exploration was called and after that oil is being produced from 38 oil wells. Every day 1.75 lakh barrels of oil are being produced here which will reach 5.5 lakh barrels by 2022 till the refinery is built. Crude oil is found at depths ranging from 750 to 2000 meters. 

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