Aadhar Card Center: Aadhar card will be made at Lok Seva Kendra, people will get relief

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Madhya Pradesh :Long queues and waiting at centers to improve Aadhaar card will now get rid of to some extent. For the first time, the facility of Aadhaar center will also be started at public service centers. Apart from this, about 10 new centers are being started in Gwalior. People have problems with the highest improvement in Aadhaar and they keep wandering about it. At the same time, the base centers are closed due to not working properly and new ones are also opened. As soon as the lockdown opened in , there was a situation that only three base centers were active. If people bring their work to public service centers already, then opening the base center there will be relief. There are currently 49 Aadhaar centers functioning in the district. Aadhaar work will begin soon at 9 public service centers.

At the Aadhaar Centers of Unique Identification Authority of , there is a rush to improve Aadhaar and there is an imperative of Aadhaar for the common people in different schemes of governance. At the same time, when the Aadhaar centers were given in private hands, then the maximum number of cases of Aadhaar cards were found which are still running. Subsequently, the bank was authorized for Aadhaar centers at the post office on behalf of the authority.

Still 49 base centers, even then trouble

There are currently 49 active Aadhaar centers in the district for making new Aadhaar cards and improvement work at Aadhaar centers. These include Aadhaar centers given from banks, post offices to government premises. The server sometimes has staffing problems at most centers. This is the reason people keep complaining that the Center is not functioning.

This relief from the base at the public service center

Every service related to the functioning of the public has been included in the public service center, in which more than 100 facilities have been provided. People are also well acquainted with the public service centers and it will be less to wander by starting the base center here. There is also a problem that people have limited information about the location of Aadhaar centers.

Swan network itself

Now only base centers are provided in SWAN network (state wide area network). The SWAN network is the e-governance network of the Government of India. This was done so that no arbitrariness could be done at the base centers. Swan network and Aadhaar center are now being provided in government premises and any private person can apply in it.

Base center will increase

Aadhaar centers are being extended soon, this will provide relief to the common man. Aadhaar centers will also be started soon at public service centers. Aadhaar centers are being provided in the SWAN network itself. - Ashish Jain, Manager, E-Governance, Gwalior

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