86-year-old Punai Bai battles Corona with strong intentions

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The state government is making every effort to prevent and control the epidemic like Corona virus -19. People suffering from corona are also recovering with courage and courage by taking advantage of the arrangements and treatment being made by the government. The recovery of Mrs. Punai Bai Dhruv, an 86-year-old elderly woman from village Khadi Bahar in Narayanpur district, is a living example of the system of government and the strong intentions of Mrs. Punai Bai. An elderly woman, Mrs Punai Bai, has given her courage and courage to win the war against Corona, and appealed to the society to remain confident instead of being afraid of Corona. Mrs. Punai Bai said that for the first time in her life span of 86 years, she has seen such a terrible disease, which currently has no effective medicine, but with the treatment and advice given by the health staff of the government as well as the mask for prevention. Usage, social distancing, Keeping the hands clean with soap or sanitizer and increasing the immunity has proved to be better than the Ayurvedic decoction. He was informed about these measures by doctors and medical staff from Kovid Care Center. 

 Mrs. Punai Bai also praised the care taken by the doctors and paramedical staff and nurses in the hospital when they were recuperating from Kovid-19 Hospital. He appreciated the arrangements made in the hospital for the patients of Corona by the state government. All patients were taken care of in the hospital. Tea - breakfast, food, medicines were all available from time to time. The behavior of the staff was also very full of affection, the staff kept calling them grandmas the whole time and I also have a liking for them all like my sons, daughters, grandchildren. 

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