3,076 crore rupees in 5 days in PM Cares fund, P Chidambaram asked – why afraid to reveal the names of donors?

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The PM CARES Fund created in view of the -19 crisis (PM CARES Fund) amounted to 3,076 crores in 5 days.

New Delhi: In view of the Corona Crisis, the PM CARES Fund (PM CARES Fund) created an amount of 3,076 crores in 5 days. This information has been revealed from the audit released by the government. According to the statement of FY 2020, this record donation took place between 27 to 31 March, during which period the fund was being created. Out of Rs 3,076 crore, donations of Rs 3,075.85 crore are domestic and voluntary, while Rs 39.67 lakh has been contributed from abroad. In the statement of PM CARES Fund, it was said that the fund was started with Rs 2.25 lakh and this fund has also got about Rs 35 lakh as interest. 

The audit statement has been shared on the PM Cares Fund website, but the information in notes 1 to 6 has not been made public in this statement. This means that the government has not given information about domestic and foreign donors. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has raised questions on this by tweeting. He asked why the information about these donors was not given. He asked that every other NGO or trust is obliged to reveal the names of donors who donated more than a limit. Why is PM CARES FUND exempt from this obligation? He asked that the recipient of the donation is known. The trustees of the donor are known. So why are the trustees afraid to reveal the names of the donors. 

Explain that in view of the Kovid crisis, the government started the Prime Minister Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund (PM CARES Fund). Where donors can donate any amount to the government to fight this epidemic.

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