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2437 new cases, 10 deaths in the state, 10 thousand active patients in Raipur

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The number of active hospitalized patients of Corona in the capital has crossed 10,000. On Wednesday, 2437 new corona patients have been found in the state including 748 in Raipur. There were also 10 deaths, of which 8 are from Raipur. There are positive case 93353 and active case 35850 in the state. After discharge from hospitals and home isolation, more than 56 thousand patients have been cured. Raipur has 10310 active. The death toll in the state from Corona has reached 729, of which 347 are from Raipur.

Experts say the impact of the lockdown will not be immediate. Shortly after the lockdown is over, there may be some reduction in the number of patients, but this will also be temporary. Nearly one thousand patients were found in Raipur on Tuesday after finding less patients for two-three days. Experts say that the infection will spread less from the infected to others due to people staying in their homes. But those who are suffering from cold, cough and fever will have to undergo corona test. It is not appropriate to stay in the house for fear of police. In such a situation, the viral load can increase, which is health hazardous.

Flu season, so people who are delaying the investigation,
doctors say that people are taking good care in giving samples and treating them as normal flu. Due to this increasing viral load, he is having trouble breathing. More than 30 to 35 percent of patients with symptoms are coming in the state, which was only 10 percent earlier. Timely examination and treatment reduces the risk of corona to a great extent. Therefore, get the investigation done on time. The Corona investigation is free in government hospitals. Private hospitals are charging a fee. Now there is no need to go round for the corona report. One can get it online from Health Portal portal.