12 pairs of new special trains will run from different stations of Delhi, see here – List of 40 pairs of trains

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New Delhi Railways : With the  Delhi Metro fully speeding up, 40 new new are being started by Indian Railways from Saturday. Passengers are seen at the New Delhi railway station since Saturday morning. During this period, after the thermal screening and hand sanitizing, only reserved ticket holders are being allowed to visit the platform.

Booking started on Thursday to reserve seats in these trains. In all these 80 trains, all trains will be fully booked seats and without these confirmed passengers will not be able to travel. Obviously, people traveling in such a situation will have to make reservations in these trains. According to Northern Railway spokesperson Deepak Kumar, out of the 40 pairs of trains starting from Saturday, 12 pairs of trains are running from stations in Delhi or will end their journey there.

4 pair will pass through Delhi

There are 4 pairs of trains that will pass through Delhi. That is, out of the 80 trains that will run, 32 will be such, in which passengers will be able to start or end their journey from Delhi. Passengers traveling to and from Delhi will benefit greatly from the start of operations of these new trains.

Let us know that since the lockdown ended, the railway is operating 230 special trains, including 30 Rajdhani trains. All these trains can travel only through reservation. Now, with the introduction of 40 pairs of new trains, the number of special trains will increase to more than two and a half hundred.

At the same time, after three months, two trains are being started from Anand Vihar Terminal on Sunday. One of these trains will run for Bhagalpur and the other four days a week for Gorakhpur. Trains from number two and three platforms will operate. The subway will be opened for entry and exit. There will be special arrangement for sanitizer and cleaning at railway stations. 

Humsafar Express running from Delhi to Gorakhpur, Nanda Devi Express running from Kota to Dehradun, Vikramshila Express going from Delhi to Bhagalpur, Lucknow-Delhi Shatabdi Express, Varanasi-New Delhi Vande Bharat Express, Mysore-Solapur Gol Gumbaj Express in the list of those trains Which will run from September 12 on track.

  • Train number 02435 Varanasi to New Delhi, Vande Bharat Express
  •  Train number 02436 New Delhi to Varanasi, Vande Bharat Express
  •  Train number 05909 Dibrugarh to Lalgarh, express
  •  Train number 05910 Lalgarh to Dibrugarh, express
  •  Train number 02429 Lucknow to New Delhi, Express
  •  Train number 02430 New Delhi to Lucknow, express
  • Train number 02561 Jaynagar to New Delhi, Express
  •  Train number 02562 New Delhi to Jaynagar Express
  •  Train number 03307 Darbhanga to Firozpur, Express
  •  Train number 03308 Firozpur to Darbhanga, Express
  •  Train number 02627 Bengaluru to New Delhi, Express
  •  Train number 02628 New Delhi to Bangalore, Express
  •  Train number 02615 Chennai to New Delhi, Express
  •  Train number 02616 New Delhi to Chennai Express
  •  Train number 02003 Lucknow to New Delhi, Shatabdi Express
  •  Train number 02004 New Delhi to Lucknow, Shatabdi Express
  •  Train number 07563 Hyderabad to Parbhani, Express
  •  Train number 07564 Parbhani to Hyderabad, Express
  •  Train number 08426 Durg to Puri, Express
  •  Train number 08425 Puri to Durg, express
  • Train number 02401 Kota to Dehradun, Nandadevi Express
  • Train number 02402 Dehradun to Kota, Nandadevi Express
  • Train number 02281 Jabalpur to Ajmer, Dayoday Express
  • Train number 02281 Ajmer to Jabalpur, Dayoday Express
  • Train number 02403 Prayagraj to Jaipur, Express
  • Train number 02404 Jaipur to Prayagraj, express
  • Train number 01107 Gwalior to Maduadih, Bundelkhand Express
  • Train number 01108 Maduadih to Gwalior, Bundelkhand Express
  • Train number 01841 Khajuraho to Kurukshetra, Express
  • Train number 01842 Kurukshetra to Khajuraho, Express 
  • Train number 02591 Gorakhpur to Yesvantpur, express
  •  Train number 02591 Yesvantpur to Gorakhpur, Express
  •  Train number 02275 Prayagraj to New Delhi, Humsafar Express
  • 44-Train number 02276 New Delhi to Prayagraj, Humsafar Express
  • 45-Train number 09051 Valsad to Muzaffarpur, Shramik Express
  • 46-Train number 09052 Muzaffarpur to Valsad, Shramik Express
  • 47-train number 02669 chennai to chhapra, express
  •  Train number 02670 Chhapra to Chennai, Express
  •  Train number 02663 Howrah to Tiruchirappalli, Express
  •  Train number 02664 Tiruchirappalli to Indore, Express
  •  Train number 08517 Korba to Visakhapatnam, Express
  •  Train number 08518 Visakhapatnam to Korba, Express
  •  Train number 02911 Indore to Howrah Express
  •  Train number 02912 Howrah to Indore, Express
  •  Train number 04723 Kanpur to Bhiwani, Express
  •  Train number 04724 Bhiwani to Kanpur, express
  •  Train number 02109 Mumbai to Manmad Express
  •  Train number 02110 Manmad to Mumbai, Express
  •  Train number 08505 Puri to Ahmedabad, Express
  •  Train number 02670 Ahmedabad to Puri, Express
  • Train number 06539 Bangalore to Mysuru Express
  • Train number 01840 Mysuru to Bangalore, Express
  • Train number 07007 Secunderabad to Darbhanga Express
  • Train number 07008 Darbhanga to Secunderabad, Express
  • Train no 02509 Bangalore Cant to Guwahati Express
  • Train number 02510 Guwahati to Bangalore Cantt, Express
  • Train number 05933 Dibrugarh to Amritsar, express
  • Train number 005934 Amritsar to Dibrugarh, express
  • Train number 02481 Jodhpur to Delhi, Express
  • Train number 02482 Delhi to Jodhpur, express
  • Train number 02571 Gorakhpur to Delhi, Humsafar Express
  • Train number 02572 Delhi to Gorakhpur, Humsafar Express
  • Train number 02367 Bhagalpur to Delhi Vikramshila Express
  • Train number 02368 Delhi to Bhagalpur Vikramshila Express
  • Train No. 06587 Yesvantpur to Bikaner, Express
  • Train No. 06588 Bikaner to Yesvantpur, Express
  • Train number 02976 Jaipur to Mysuru Express
  • Train number 02977 to Mysuru to Jaipur, express
  • Train number 02415 Indore to New Delhi, Express
  • Train number 02416 New Delhi to Indore, Express
  • Train number 05626 Agartala to Deoghar, Express
  • Train number 05625 Deoghar to Agartala, Express
  • Train number 02465 Madhupur to Delhi, Express
  • Train number 02466 Delhi to Madhupur, Express
  • Train number 06535 Mysuru to Solapur, Golgumbaj Express
  • Train number 06536 Solapur to Mysuru, Golgumbaj Express
  • Train number 05003 Kanpur Anwarganj to Gorakhpur, Chaurichora Express
  • Tray No 05004 Gorakhpur to Kanpur Anwarganj, Chaurichora Express
  • Train number 05007 Banaras to Lucknow, Krishak Express
  • Train number 05008 New Delhi to Indore, Krishak Express

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