Report Wire - Why are the bails there? Sanjay Manjrekar questions the purpose of archaic guidelines in cricket

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Why are the bails there? Sanjay Manjrekar questions the purpose of archaic guidelines in cricket

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Why are the bails there? Sanjay Manjrekar questions the point of archaic rules in cricket

Australian opener David Warner lived a charmed life towards Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday, 11 May night within the Indian Premier League. Warner acquired dropped a number of occasions within the outfield en route his half century, which took his tally of runs over 400 on this version of the league.

Helpless Rajasthan Royals couldn’t consider their luck on the evening and have been left annoyed with how their recreation was going, making an attempt to defend 161 runs in a vital recreation within the ultimate days of the group stage. The worst was but to return as a Yuzvendra Chahal supply spun sharply to clip Warner’s leg stump; the lights lit up on the LED stump, however the bails didn’t come off, prompting the umpire to evaluate that Warner was not out.

Speaking in regards to the incident, former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar stated that the concept of bails need to be dislodged to get the batsman out was a redundant concept with the arrival of expertise.

“I’ve said this before as well, it’s redundant now with the LED stumps to have the bails on,” Manjrekar stated on ESPNcricinfo’s T20 Time: Out.

“Today it would’ve been a wicket deserving for Chahal who bowled superbly. It was a terrible shot from Warner, and it didn’t get a wicket. Unless it’s adding an aesthetic value, they should just get rid of the bails because they’re completely redundant with LED technology.”

The pundit argued that what is the level of getting bails, now that refined expertise was obtainable to know if the ball had clipped the stumps or not.

“[The bails were used] just to be sure the ball has hit the stumps they had these bails on top, because if the ball just kissed the stumps you won’t know if there weren’t any bails,” Manjrekar stated. “And the bails were meant to fall off if the stumps were disturbed. But now that you have a sensor, you know the ball has hit the stumps, so why are the bails there?”

“If you have the technology, don’t have the bails,” he stated. “The other problem with bails is, when there is a stumping, you wait for it to light up and then you’re talking about whether both the bails are off the grooves and there’s just a lot of complication when you’re judging stumped or run out. Just keep it simple,” Manjrekar added.

Delhi received a vital recreation towards Rajasthan Royals within the Indian Premier League to maintain their playoffs push alive. The staff must win their remaining matches in the event that they hope to get into the ultimate 4 spots of the event.