Report Wire - When DD below Congress regime banned references of Ram Mandir and tried to secularize Ramayan

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When DD below Congress regime banned references of Ram Mandir and tried to secularize Ramayan

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The official Prasar Bharati web site describes Doordarshan (DD) as “an ‘autonomous’ public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India.” The key phrase right here is “autonomous”. DD is an leisure service, presupposed to perform as an autonomous establishment with out worry or favour, or any strain from the ruling regime.However, there are a minimum of two particular incidents and accounts of previous occasions, which counsel that within the Congress-era, Doordarshan couldn’t at all times perform as an impartial establishment it was meant to be.Folk singer Malini Awasthi’s censorship allegations:Noted folks singer Malini Awasthi made a serious allegation throughout an interview with News Nation within the month of March. According to Report Wire, she stated,  “There was a time when I was appointed to sing for public broadcaster Doordarshan…I offered to sing a hymn on Lord Rama’s birth. Initially, they agreed to it but when I started, it included a stanza that mentioned Lord Rama’s birth in Ayodhya. Suddenly, they came and told me this cannot go on air and asked me to sing another hymn.”Awasthi added, “Since I am inquisitive by nature, I asked them what’s the problem with this composition. They said it refers to Lord Rama’s birth in Ayodhya. Being a follower of Sanathan Dharma, this was unacceptable to me. We have celebrated Lord Rama’s birth in Ayodhya for years. I told them I cannot record any other hymn if you are seeking to deny the truth.”Malini Awasthi additional alleged that the involved officers instructed her that they didn’t have an issue with the hymn that she was singing, however they have been solely following the orders given to them. She additionally stated that she stormed out in anger with out recording any hymn.जी दीपक जी, @DChaurasia2312 मैंने तीन वर्ष पहले भी इस घटना के बारे में ट्वीट किया था जिसके विषय में आज आपके साथ @NewsNationTVपर बातचीत हुई।— मालिनी अवस्थी Malini Awasthi (@maliniawasthi) March 6, 2021Attempts to make the Ramayan ‘Secular’:The Ramayan is a Hindu epic and stands on the core of Hindu theology. However, “An Epic life: Ramanand Sagar: From Barsaat To Ramayan”, a e-book written by Prem Sagar, son of the Ramayan TV present Director Ramanand Sagar, revealed how makes an attempt have been made to secularise the tv present on Ramayan.Sagarika Ghose’s father after which Doordarshan Director General Bhaskar Ghose had allegedly refused to provide 26 extra weeks to cease the present halfway. However, the present had develop into so fashionable that it merely couldn’t be stopped like that.Doordarshan rejected ‘Chanakya’: Chanakya, a 47-part drama revolving round Indian economist, strategist, and political theorist Chanakya was telecast on DD in 1991 and 1992. The present that was written and directed by Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi turned out to be a grand success.Yet, Dr Dwivedi revealed, “I had pitched it sometime in the mid-1980s. The response I got from them was that the show didn’t fit the channel’s scheme of work but they had liked my skill as a writer. It baffled me because they had historical shows like Tipu Sultan but did not feel that a show like Chanakya would work for them.”Dr Dwivedi added, “Eventually, the broadcaster took cognisance of my proposal. By that time, several prominent producers wanted to make Chanakya and had been sending their proposals to the channel.”He additionally stated, “Although I was a newcomer, they gave me the chance and asked me to submit my proposal again around 1986-87. It was in 1988 when I made the pilot and the show was approved.”Ramayan and Chanakya’s life classes are a number of the most essential elements of Indian historical past and civilisation. As such, DD, India’s public service broadcaster was supposed to advertise them. However, it appears that evidently within the Congress-era, artists selling India’s civilisational heritage have been really dealing with bureaucratic and administrative bother in selling India’s cultural heritage within the garb of secular insurance policies.