Report Wire - UN specialists ask the USA to close down Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba

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UN specialists ask the USA to close down Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba

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UN experts ask the USA to shut down Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba

Experts from the United Nations have urged the federal government of the USA to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba. They have referred to as it an “ugly chapter of relentless human rights violations”, including, “20 years of arbitrary detention without trial accompanied by torture or ill-treatment is unacceptable.”
🇺🇸#USA: UN specialists name on the US to shut #Guantanamo Bay detention centre & put an finish to the ugly chapter of unrelenting human rights violations: “20 years of arbitrary detention without trial accompanied by torture or ill treatment is unacceptable.”👉— UN Special Procedures (@UN_SPExperts) January 10, 2022
In a press release, the United Nations talked about that it’s 20 years for the reason that first batch of detainees arrived at Guantanamo Bay. The UN specialists referred to as it a “site of unparalleled notoriety” and mentioned its continued operation was a stain on the US Government’s dedication to the rule of legislation.
“Twenty years of practising arbitrary detention without trial accompanied by torture or ill-treatment is simply unacceptable for any government, particularly a government which has a stated claim to protecting human rights,” mentioned the unbiased specialists, appointed by the Human Rights Council.
“In 2003, the facility was holding 700 prisoners. Twenty years later, 39 detainees remain but only nine of them have been charged with or convicted of crimes, 13 have been cleared for transfer. Between 2002 and 2021 nine detainees died in custody, two from natural causes and seven reportedly committed suicide. None had been charged or convicted of a crime”, the assertion reads.
“Despite forceful, repeated and unequivocal condemnation of the operation of this horrific detention and prison complex with its associated trial processes, the United States continues to detain persons many of whom have never been charged with any crime,” the specialists mentioned.
The UN specialists have additionally condemned the shortage of correct medical services and torture rehabilitation for an ageing inhabitants of detainees. The UN specialists requested the US authorities to shut the location, return detainees residence or to secure third international locations whereas respecting the precept of non-refoulment, present treatment and reparation for these egregiously tortured and arbitrarily detained by their brokers, and maintain people who licensed and engaged in torture accountable as required beneath worldwide legislation.
It additionally condemned the efforts by Military Commissions which might be nonetheless present process pre-trial proceedings on motions to suppress proof of torture. They added that the US judicial system has thus far failed to guard human rights and uphold the rule of legislation in relation to Guantanamo Bay. They added that the problem of Guantanamo Bay has been made a “legal black hole”.
Guantanamo Bay detention centre
The Guantanamo Bay detention centre is a high-security jail operated by the US authorities to carry suspected terrorists, particularly these captured from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. It was began by the George Bush administration in 2001 and is maintained close to the US Naval base on the Bay of Guantanamo in Cuba.
The US forces have been occupying the Guantanamo coast for the reason that Spanish-American struggle of the early 1900s. The Cuban authorities condemns the continued occupation and needs the USA to vacate the realm. The detention facility basically operates exterior the authorized jurisdiction, and initially, the identification of the detainees was additionally stored a secret. The Bush administration was adamant that the Geneva Conventions don’t apply to the detainees of the centre.
As president, Obama had promised to close down Gitmo, because the centre is known as. But his 8-year tenure failed to shut the centre. Trump had reversed the guarantees. Biden has additionally not taken any steps to close down the power thus far.