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UK: Radical Imam who supported AL Qaeda terrorist allowed to run nursery faculty

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A radical Islamic cleric by the title of Muhammad Asim Hussain has been granted permission to function a kindergarten for youngsters by the schooling regulator within the United Kingdom, reported Daily Mail. This is although Hussain had overtly expressed his assist for Pakistani Al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui and the assassin of former Pakistani Governor Salman Taseer.
As per experiences, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED) ignored his previous report and gave a inexperienced sign to the cleric in January to begin his nursery. Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain then took to Instagram to welcome the choice.
He wrote, “It all started with an idea around 4 years ago as part of my vision for Al-Hikam and today a huge milestone was reached. It wasn’t meant to be 4 years ago for a number of reasons but the idea never left my mind and last January after the podcast on the role of masjids in the 21st century, I began the process to set up an Islamic ethos based children’s nursery.”

The cleric added, “A lot of time, effort, money and resources has been invested in setting up the childcare setting and after a year of hard work, yesterday Ofsted granted us official registration to open ‘Little Wisdoms Nursery’ in Bradford at Al-Hikam. This is amazing news for our local community!”
The radical Imam knowledgeable that his ‘Little Wisdoms’ nursery will function from Monday to Friday between 7:30 am and three:30 pm. He emphasised that the nursery will initially enrol 3 to 4-year-olds earlier than admitting 2-year-olds ultimately. Hussain is the founding father of Al-Hikam mosque. He was ousted from his position in 2019 over allegations of misconduct. He was reappointed in 2020.
Contentious views of Muhammad Asim Hussain
Daily Mail reported that Imam Hussain advised his followers to attend an occasion in 2015 to precise solidarity with Al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui. He had introduced that the occasion would emphasise the supposed ‘injustice’ dedicated in opposition to the terrorist.
It should be talked about that Aafia Siddiqui is presently serving an 86-year jail sentence for attacking US Army and FBI personnel in Afghanistan. In 2008, she was detained by Afghan authorities. According to the Department of Justice, they’d discovered plenty of gadgets in her possession, together with handwritten notes that talked about a mass-casualty assault.
There was a listing of assorted areas reminiscent of Plum Island, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and the Brooklyn Bridge within the US, together with within the gadgets. According to DoJ, she was being held in an unsecured method when she grabbed a rifle from US Army personnel and fired it on the officers interviewing her. An FBI agent and a US Army officer had been injured.
In March 2016, Muhammad Asim Hussain lamented the execution of Mumtaz Qadri, the safety guard who killed Pakistani Governor Salman Taseer in 2011 on costs of blasphemy. While calling it a ‘dark day in the history of Pakistan’, the Imam justified his actions by saying that Qadri was ‘martyred in the way of Allah’.
Ofsted alerted in regards to the radical Islamist nature of the Imam
Executive director on the Counter Extremism Project, David Ibsen, had stated, “Al-Hikam should not be permitted to educate young British citizens in its nursery when there is a track record of espousing objectionable and oppressive beliefs.”
While reacting to the article by The Daily Mail, Ofsted knowledgeable that they may re-examine the permission granted to Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain.
A spokesperson for the schooling regulator said, “We have been alerted to these concerns and are looking into them. While we are unable to share information about individual providers, we take safeguarding concerns very seriously and consider all the information we receive.”