Report Wire - Tulsi Gabbard slams Biden for calling Rittenhouse a White Supremacist

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Tulsi Gabbard slams Biden for calling Rittenhouse a White Supremacist

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Tulsi Gabbard slams Biden for calling Rittenhouse a White Supremacist

Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has been probably the most outstanding Democrat to have gone towards the celebration line on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Contrary to her former Democrat colleagues, she has maintained that it was a transparent case of self-defense. On Wednesday, Tulsi Gabbard shared a video the place she as soon as once more reiterated her stand that it was fallacious of the mainstream media and US President Joe Biden to name {the teenager} a White Supremacist.
Outrageously, inside hours and with out proof, MSM and Biden labeled Rittenhouse a white supremacist. This is unfair and additional eroded individuals’s trusts in our President and MSM.— Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 (@TulsiGabbard) November 24, 2021
She stated, “From the beginning, we are seeing this thing play out, where evidence doesn’t matter, facts doesn’t matter (sic). Hearing all these comments being made, they are grossly inaccurate, and it just shows how politicised the whole thing was from the beginning.”
She continued, “And unfortunately, how dangerous this path is if you follow it down its course. Where every white person is a white supremacist is essentially the message that they are sending, whether you realise it or not. And so, therefore if you look at our judicial system, you look at jury trials, does this mean that we don’t allow white people on juries anymore because they can’t be impartial because they are all white supremacists?”
“But then if so, they are saying, okay, we gotta get rid of the whole system, reform the whole system. Okay, so if you get rid of all the juries, then what? So then you have one person who’s making a decision about the fate of someone’s life and their future. How does that stand up to the ideals of a democratic society? It doesn’t. It starts to buckle and fall apart very quickly,” added Tulsi Gabbard.
The former Congresswoman made the feedback on the Greg Gutfeld present on Fox News. Earlier, she had stated that the jury bought it proper when it concluded that Kyle Rittenhouse was not responsible on all expenses. The teenager was accused of intentional murder after he killed two protesters in self-defense.
Gabbard stated that the truth that the costs have been even introduced in towards Rittenhouse confirmed that the prosecution was motivated by politics, which must be thought of felony. Kyle Rittenhouse was discovered not responsible after he claimed earlier than the courtroom that he shot the violent protesters in self-defense.
Prior to that, there have been quite a few lies unfold by the mainstream media towards {the teenager}, probably the most ostentatious being the allegation that he “crossed state lines” and he was defending property within the metropolis of Kenosha which they claimed he had no connection to. This was although his father lived in Kenosha and had household there and he labored within the metropolis too. Furthermore, his dwelling was lower than a half an hour drive from the town.