Report Wire - The Ratlam incident was not about Daan-Dakshina, it was Left’s opposition to restrengthening of Brahmins

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The Ratlam incident was not about Daan-Dakshina, it was Left’s opposition to restrengthening of Brahmins

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A couple of days again, an innocuous incident within the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh caught the eye of the nationwide viewers. An previous, weary Hindu priest on the Mahalakshmi Temple was seen preserving the cash of Dakshina in his pocket. However, somebody captured the priest throughout the act, taking what was rightfully his, and uploaded the video on social media platforms.Soon, the video went viral within the realms of the digital world, and other people, principally secular and left-liberals, having no prior data of how the temples work or for that matter, the clergymen, began to disparage the previous pujari.According to a Navbharat Times report, the incident transpired throughout the Deepotsav Mahotsav when the temple is filled with devotees. After the video reached Collector Kumar Purushottam, the officer, as an alternative of taking the rational method ordered an inquiry into the matter.Meanwhile, SDM Abhishek Gehlot issued a discover to the priest and sought a reply. Yes, a discover was issued to a priest for taking Dakshina.ये उस SDM के मुँह पर लगा जूता है जिसने पुजारी जी को नोटिस थमाने की जुर्रत की है। इतने वृद्ध पुजारी जी, उनके हाँथ काँप रहे हैं। यदि किसी श्रद्धालु को दानपात्र में पैसे डालने होते तो वो पुजारी जी के हाँथ में दक्षिणा क्यों देता?— The Sanatan Uday (@TheSanatanUday) November 12, 2021Hindu group restoring Pujari’s respectHowever, as quickly as Hindu nationalists’ teams got here to know concerning the Pujari being disrespected by the forms of the country- members of ‘The Sanatan Uday’ reached the temple compounds, discovered the previous, frail priest, and gave him the respect he so well-deserved.In a social media put up, the group remarked that the previous priest was shaking after they met him. The members of Sanatan Uday garlanded the priest, touched his ft and picked up cash in a tray to be given as Dakshina to the priest.The group remarked that if somebody needed to do the daan, why would they maintain the cash within the priest’s palms, as an alternative of depositing it within the designated spot. They additionally challenged the administration to take any motion on the priest now.Ranganath Temple: Priest hid jewellery from Mughals. Mughals Slaughtered 12,000 Hindus INSIDE the Temple.Ratlam : As protest, 80+ yr previous grandpa Pujari hid Arati donations from Govnt field. Collector mentioned he’ll arrest the pujari.I do not see any distinction betwn then n now.— 🍁 Sanatani Yoddha (@VidyaSanatani) November 12, 2021Read More: Gold donated by Bhakts to Devas in temples of Tamil Nadu is being melted to be used by the governmentWhat is Guru Dakshina? A 101 class for an asinine leftistThe majority of the leftists that barked upon this pole have been oblivious to the truth that Dakshina is a singular a part of Indian tradition and custom, particularly for the Sanatanis. A greenhorn, as are most leftists ought to perceive the importance of Guru and their place within the hierarchy.Here, Guru is an interchangeable time period that’s used to seek advice from a priest, a instructor, or some other person that imparts any kind of data to a different.Firstly, the Sanskrit phrase Dakshina has a number of meanings. According to Siddhayog, within the conventional etymological evaluation of the phrase, the syllable da means “offering and giving,” the syllable kshi means “to abide or dwell in,” and the syllable na signifies “knowledge.”Dakshina, then, is an providing made by a pupil to the instructor by way of which the coed turns into established within the data that has been imparted.The scriptural texts of India instruct these eager for data of the ‘Absolute’ in find out how to method the Guru. A disciple is to return earlier than the Guru with humility, devotion, a willingness to serve, and their arms laden with the very best choices they’ll make.These choices made by the disciple to the Guru are known as Dakshina. Since time immemorial, providing Dakshina has been the dharma of all disciples.While the function of Teachers, gurus, or clergymen could have narrowed all the way down to a set division of rituals in trendy instances however all through the historical past of Sanatan Dharma, a instructor or a Guru has remained a spiritually developed information for the disciples. Students usually attributed all the pieces they realized concerning the cosmos and singularity to their instructor.Why are leftists riled up?There has been a rising pattern these days the place any Sanatan ritual is gauged by way of the lens of ‘Brahminical Patriarchy’ lens. The presence of temples and Hindu customs is an obstacle for the left-liberal cabal to impose their woke agendas on the general public.The idol of the cabal is ‘Periyar’ whose beliefs relating to Brahmins simply crossed the road of racism and xenophobia. Periyar on the peak of his racist motion saved making it clear that Brahmins are irredeemable on account of their advantage of being born a Brahmin.For occasion, in an interview, it was requested, “Do you mean to say that Brahmins, by the very fact that they were born Brahmins, can never have honest intentions?” Periyar responded, “I do. They can never have honest intentions.”On one event he acknowledged, “To destroy caste discrimination burn the pictures of Nehru and Gandhi and also the Constitution of India. If all these methods fail to give us results, then we should start beating and killing the Brahmins; we should start burning their houses.”Read More: Periyar was an anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin bigot who deserves to be criticised not laudedFor the liberal cabal, the IITs are a breeding floor of Brahminical patriarchy, simply because the vast majority of the school and college students occur to be from the Savarna class.However, so long as the Brahmins, the clergymen and Hindu teams stand guard, the Sanatan Dharam will proceed to prevail. Its traditions though archaic, are embedded within the core human beliefs and ethos of humility and care. We reside in a world the place taking Dakshina could be a signal of Brahminical patriarchy however sitting in public locations and providing Namaz, to the nuisance of the public- a secular act.