Report Wire - Tanushree Dutta lends assist to Kerala sexual assault survivor, remembers her struggle

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Tanushree Dutta lends assist to Kerala sexual assault survivor, remembers her struggle

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Bollywood actor Tanushree Dutta took to Instagram to lend assist to the Kerala sexual assault survivor. Tanushree appreciated the actress’ braveness to talk up and the assist she has obtained from her family members to hold on the struggle.
She wrote, “I particularly admire her resilience and must also credit her husband for his support as well as her friends as without a strong emotional & financial support system it’s sometimes impossible for young women to continue to fight such vicious battles.”
Tanushree Dutta, who began the #MeToo motion in India after she spoke up about being harassed on the units of a Hindi movie, recalled her expertise and wrote, “I had to move on to build up my broken psyche, life & career. I had no one who remotely loved me enough to continue to stand by me & provide the real tangible assistance needed. All I had are people who would much rather see me struggle & fail so I can give them company in their eternal misery!”

Tanushree mentioned that after the #MeToo motion misplaced steam, she had no assist. “So basically I just got tired of being negative, hateful, angry, full of rage at being lied, humiliated & belittled by anyone & everyone who had a say and platform. All the fake feminists also vanished overnight & I was left to struggle for basic survival. Movements don’t run a household work does!!”
The Aashiq Banaya Aapne actor shared that she has been on medicine for power anxiousness for the previous two years. “It’s showbiz and they say that you can only look as good as you feel. I had already spent a large part of the 12 years post 2008 feeling low, anxious, depressed, angry & gloomy. (I have been on medication for chronic anxiety last two years) I finally feel normal & myself again because I avoided this topic. For years after the Horn ok pleasse incident I was unable to take up & hold a job due to my anxiety, depression & ptsd,” she wrote.

Tanushree Dutta added that she made peace together with her circumstances as she didn’t get the justice she had anticipated. She wrote, “I wasn’t going to live like that for the rest of my life & fight for nothing so I decided to ignore it & focus on my health & work again. This matter always invoked severe anxiety & stress and it was ruining my health. I was getting nothing out of it and it was just a whole lot of media fodder. I never had much faith in the justice system anyways & with a matter that old there is seldom any outcome. So I rested in peace!”
Tanushree talked about that she gave up when she realised that no person needed her to win the struggle. She wrote, “Prime witnesses were coerced into silence & my case file went into the cold storage & deadlock despite repeated attempts to make something out of it. There was no point fighting when nobody wants you to win. It felt a total waste of energy for a sensitive & creative soul who just wants to act, sing, dance, love & live life!”