Report Wire - Taimur and Jehangir’s father Saif will get trolled by Islamists for performing Ganesh Puja

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Taimur and Jehangir’s father Saif will get trolled by Islamists for performing Ganesh Puja

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Taimur and Jehangir’s father Saif gets trolled by Islamists for performing Ganesh Puja

Saif Ali Khan, the so-called historical past buff of Bollywood had no thought what was coming his method when his household determined to publish an image of doing Ganesh Puja on their Instagram deal with. The father of two youngsters named Jahangir and ‘media wonder boy Taimur’ to showcase his secular credential ended up hurting his ‘brethren.’Islamic Hounding continuesOn the event of Ganesh Chaturthi, the spouse of Saif Ali Khan, Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan posted some footage on her Instagram deal with. With the caption “Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with the loves of my life and Tim Tim’s cute little clay Ganpati, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi”. The footage together with the caption had been exhibiting Saif Ali Khan and Taimur worshipping Ganesh Ji with folded arms, whereas Kareena Kapoor Khan was instructing the kid on the correct method of worshipping. This photograph was greater than sufficient to ship the Islamists and left-radicals in frenzy.One of the netizens going by the identify of shahid_yass on Instagram suggested Saif Ali Khan to do kalma after doing Ganesh Pooja. He commented- “mind about the hereafter, u said kalim alailah aillalah muhammad urrasool allah”. Another one going by the identify of Ahmedk3334 commented- “Lakh de lanatsaif Ali khan tera much teee”. A feminine person bbebo_meehsud went on to query his Islamic credentials and commented – “Ye muslaman nhi hain, musalman allah ke alawaa aur kisi ko nhi maante”(they aren’t Muslims, Muslims don’t imagine in another person apart from Allah). Hoards of netizens went on to jot down only one phrase “Laanat”. Laanat phrase is used to curse somebody in Urdu. A person going by the identify opiumclothing wrote- “just like a Brahmin does not eat Beef, it’s impossible for a Muslim to worship man-made idols, humans, or animals except One God.” One person even went on to suggests mentioned Ali Khan to alter his identify to Suresh Kapoor. Source: ChipkumediaMedia advisor to UP CM Yogi Adityanath compiled a few of these hateful feedback and posted them on Twitter.Islamists don’t spare anybodyThis will not be the primary time it has occurred that any superstar has been hounded by Islamoleftist and cabal of left-liberals in India. Sara Ali Khan, the eldest daughter of Saif Ali Khan was trolled for Ganesh Puja as properly.Source: TwitterThe Islamists have morally policed and trolled the spouse of cricketer Mohammad Sami for her garments previously and feminists had been okay with it.Saif will get a style of KarmaRecently, Saif Ali Khan Khan was hailed by the Islamic group as a hero. The names of his first son Taimur was stored after the barbarian looter, plunderer, rapist, and genocidal Taimur who had worn out 5 per cent of the complete inhabitants of the Earth, whereas his second son was named after Jahangir, who had killed Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru of Sikhs. While Islamists are proud of names like Jahangir and Taimur, something which even carefully connects to Hindu tradition turns right into a nightmare for them.