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Paddy Craft Project of Chhattisgarh bought appreciation

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Paddy Craft Project of Chhattisgarh got appreciation

In the nationwide exhibition organized in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh on the theme of Rural Art, Craft and Science, the “Paddy Craft” displayed by a faculty pupil of Chhattisgarh was effectively obtained by the individuals.
Shiv Kumar Sahare, a pupil of Higher Secondary School, Badgaon in Balod district, carried out on-line demonstration of preparation of varied inventive and ornamental supplies in paddy craft utilizing paddy earrings, para and paddy. Presented the village’s artwork and innovation on the theme “Paddy Craft”, the fantastic thing about the village. This pupil ready the undertaking “Paddy Craft” beneath the steering of faculty instructor Kadambini Yogesh Parkar Yadav. Four tasks have been chosen from Chhattisgarh for the exhibition, together with three from Raipur district and Badgaon Higher Secondary School from Balod district.
This exhibition was organized on 14 and 15 December beneath the Project Regional Indian Young Inventors and Innovation Challenge 2021 of the National Council for Science and Technology Communication, Government of India. It was organized by Science Center Bhopal.

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