Report Wire - Its raining worms in China, residents compelled to make use of umbrellas: Here is what we all know

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Its raining worms in China, residents compelled to make use of umbrellas: Here is what we all know

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Its raining worms in China, citizens forced to use umbrellas: Here is what we know

A wierd video goes viral over social media displaying worms raining from the skies in Beijing, the capital metropolis of China. After the occasion, some experiences state that Beijing would now see its individuals carry umbrellas to the roadway to stop getting hit by the weird rain.

The phrase “rain of worms”, which was used to advertise the video on social media led many individuals to consider that worms have truly fallen from the sky.

Several strategies have began to look on-line to assist remedy the thriller, however the Chinese authorities haven’t but defined the explanation behind the weird phenomenon.

WATCH China residents advised to search out shelter after it appeared prefer it began to rain worms

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) March 10, 2023

Some individuals speculated that the mysterious worms may very well be poplar flowers, a typical tree within the area that’s loaded with seeds and whose flowers are regularly mistaken for caterpillars.

According to a possible interpretation, the worms had been blown towards Beijing by a powerful wind. The scientific publication Mother Nature Network backed this declare by explaining that these sorts of animal incidents regularly occur after a storm.

According to The Scientific Journal of the Mother Nature Network, such encounters with animals occur after a storm when wind or a whirlpool carries bugs miles away.

However, a Chinese journalist Shen Shiwei identified that the video was faux and that the town of Beijing had witnessed no rainfall in latest occasions. “I’m in Beijing and this video is fake. Beijing hasn’t got rainfall these days,” he stated.

I’m in Beijing and this video is faux. Beijing hasn’t acquired rainfall lately.

— Shen Shiwei 沈诗伟 (@shen_shiwei) March 10, 2023

Some netizens known as the video a ‘prank’. One of the customers stated that the worms had been simply on the automobile and never on the sidewalks. Hence the video was a prank.

They are simply on the automobiles.
Nothing on the sidewalk.


— FEDup22 (@FEDup22_) March 10, 2023

Others, nevertheless, stated that the scene of falling worms was fairly regular and that it occurs each spring. Just a few others additionally made enjoyable of the occasion speculating that falling worms had been possible dinner of the Chinese individuals.

nonsense, that’s caterpillar swarm, occurs each spring

— Tengu Steel (@SteelTengu) March 10, 2023


— Jen James (@Jen_James_) March 10, 2023

Are they gonna eat it or nah?

— Harsh (@ThePerfectH) March 11, 2023

Reportedly, not one of the Chinese official authorities have commented on the problem until now.