Report Wire - Indian High Commission In Canada On ‘Kaali’ Poster: ‘Withdraw Provocative Material’

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Indian High Commission In Canada On ‘Kaali’ Poster: ‘Withdraw Provocative Material’

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Indian High Commission In Canada On

The Indian High Commission in Canada, following an issue over poster of a documentary ‘Kaali’ that was showcased at Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, has urged the organisers to withdraw all provocative materials.Also Read – Leena Manimekalai Breaks Silence on Uproar Over Kaali Movie Poster: ‘If The Price is my Life…’

In a press release, the High Commission mentioned that they’ve obtained complaints from leaders of the Hindu group in Canada about “disrespectful depiction of Hindu Gods on the poster of a film showcased as part of the ‘Under the Tent’ project at the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto.” Also Read – ‘Outrageous’: Film Poster Shows Goddess Kali Smoking Cigarette, Police Complaint Against Director Leena Manimekalai

“Our Consulate General in Toronto has conveyed these concerns to the organisers of the event,” learn the assertion. Also Read – Canada Sends 2 Ships In Baltic Region To Enhance NATO Readiness

“We are also informed that several Hindu groups have approached authorities in Canada to take action. We urge the Canadian authorities and the event organizers to withdraw all such provocative material,” it added.

Indian High Commission’s assertion

Please see a Press Released issued by @HCI_Ottawa @MEAIndia @IndianDiplomacy @PIB_India @DDNewslive @IndiainToronto @cgivancouver

— India in Canada (@HCI_Ottawa) July 4, 2022

Complaint filed towards Director Leena Manimekalai

Following ‘Kaali’ controversy, a Delhi-based lawyer on Monday (July 04) filed a police grievance towards Manimekalai over the controversial smoking poster. He mentioned that the objectionable video clip and picture should be banned and faraway from the web on a right away foundation contemplating the defamatory affect and enrage it could trigger to Hindus because it has disparaged the spiritual beliefs of a selected group.

On the opposite hand the director director hit again, saying: “I have nothing to lose. Till the time I live, I wish to live with a voice that speaks what I believe without fear. If the price for that is my life, it can be given.” In a Twitter publish in Tamil in response to an article on the controversy, the Madurai-born filmmaker mentioned: “The film is about the events during Kaali’s strolls through the streets of Toronto city one fine evening. If they watch the movie, they will put the hashtag ‘love you Leena Manimekalai’ rather than ‘Arrest Leena Manimekalai’.”

ஒரு மாலைப்பொழுது, டோரோண்டோ மாநகரத்தில காளி தோன்றி வீதிகளில் உலா வரும்போது நடக்கிற சம்பவங்கள் தான் படம். படத்தைப்பார்த்தா “arrest leena manimekalai” hashtag போடாம “love you leena manimekalai” hashtag போடுவாங்க.✊🏽

— Leena Manimekalai (@LeenaManimekali) July 4, 2022

The controversy erupted after filmmaker Leena Manimekalai shared the poster of the movie on social media that depicts a girl dressed as Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette within the poster.