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India Nepal Relation: India and Nepal maintain warmth expectations

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The heat of anti-India in Nepal has started slowing down. It is being considered as an initiative taken by Nepalese Prime Minister KP Oli. Credit is being given to the telephone call made by KP Oli to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Independence Day. This conversation was followed by a cordial meeting between newly appointed Ambassador to Nepal Vinay Mohan Quattra and Nepalese Foreign Secretary, which also agreed to speed up ongoing development projects in Nepal. But efforts are on to keep it burning. Fuel plays a special cocktail in this fire of hatred, one part of which has Oli’s anti-India politics and decisions, while the other part has special strategic activism of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and less of the Indian Embassy.

Nepali Prime Minister Oli’s anti-India bid is nothing new. Those who know Oli know better that Oli’s election began in the name of anti-India. Oli has been benefiting from the anti-India agenda as Prime Minister. This is the reason why Oli started using the anti-India agenda like Sanjeevani in his politics and government decisions. The hatred of Oli, which was considered as poison for life, is now spoiling the health of his government and politics. On the one hand, under the leadership of Pushp Kamal Dahal, a strong power is arising against Oli, on the other hand, the enlightened section of Nepal is also becoming increasingly against the politics of Oli which has hurt Nepal’s long-term interests.

There has also been growing resentment against the government in the Nepalese people regarding the ways of the Nepalese regime to deal with the Chinese virus Kovid, which has hit the world in the grip of epidemic. During this period, China has occupied about 33 hectares of Nepalese land at least ten places along the Nepal-China border. The suspicious death of senior journalist Balaram Baniya, who has been continuously replying on Chinese encroachment and then revealing it, has raised questions on China. The people of Nepal consider it a murder. The mysterious silence of the Government of Nepal on this whole issue is surprising and doubtful.

In this politics of hatred and hatred, the current Government of Nepal, who was thinking of India’s harm, has started hurting the interests of Nepal. Recently, the road near Sitamarhi, Bihar’s Sitamarhi, is said to be a part of No Mens Land and the construction of this road is to be stopped and the movement from only a few places on the open long border is causing trouble. On the other hand, the Government of Bihar is being repeatedly prevented by the Nepalese government from doing the repair work of embankments on many rivers. Before the rains, the work of repairing these embankments was done every year, but this time it could not be done.

It is understood that the relationship is expected to improve as soon as the festival season starts. People from both countries are going to enjoy the festival together. On Kartik Purnima, people will come to India to bathe in the Ganges, while Ram will go to Janakpur on the occasion of Ram Marriage in the month of Aghan. Meanwhile, the Ram temple in Ayodhya is also delighted with the Bhoomipujan program in Nepal. At the same time, Jaysiyaram’s address by Prime Minister Modi has started adding sweetness to Nepal-India relations again.

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