Report Wire - Bihar court docket to listen to a grievance towards Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin in migrant case

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Bihar court docket to listen to a grievance towards Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin in migrant case

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Bihar court to hear a complaint against Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin in migrant case

On Saturday, 18th March 2023, the chief judicial Justice of the Peace’s court docket in Muzaffarpur of Bihar will hear a grievance towards Tamil Nadu’s chief minister MK Stalin concerning the alleged violence towards the migrant Bihari employees in Tamil Nadu. The case was filed by Jan Adhikar Party’s district president Ved Prakash on 4th March 2023 on the CJM’s court docket in Muzaffarpur district in Bihar. It is notable that the Jan Adhikar Party’s chief Pappu Yadav has been vocal about this difficulty proper from the start.

While submitting the grievance, Ved Prakash stated, “Youths from Bihar who have gone to Tamil Nadu to work as labourers are being discriminated against on linguistic grounds. They are being assaulted and asked to return to Bihar. Not only this but Biharis are also being killed and kidnapped. The Tamil Nadu government is hiding even the corpse. For this reason, there is panic among migrant labourers. The murder of a young man from Jamui in Tamil Nadu is known to all.”

According to experiences, Ved Prakash added, “Due to the lack of jobs in Tamil Nadu, Tamil people target Hindi-speaking people working there. They misbehave with them. They beat up, which is wrong. We talk about unity and integrity. But in our own country, this kind of behaviour raises many questions. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin is responsible for this.”

Ved Prakash additional stated, “Regarding this, we have also submitted an application to the Chief Minister and the Union Minister and sought justice. I also appeal to the Hon’ble Court to take this matter seriously and take appropriate legal action so that migrant laborers are not mistreated in their own country in this way and they need not panic.”

It is notable that Pappu Yadav has been vocal in regards to the alleged violence towards the Bihari employees in Tamil Nadu proper from the start. On seventh March 2023, Jan Adhikar Party president and former MP Pappu Yadav shared a video from his Twitter deal with by which a Bihari employee shared the main points of the violent incidents which allegedly occurred in Tamil Nadu towards the Bihari employees. Pappu Yadav has accused the Bihar state authorities of reserving journalists to suppress the case.

However, the Tamil Nadu authorities and the police are denying claims of alleged violence towards employees from Hindi-speaking areas. The Tamil Nadu police have additionally registered FIRs towards media homes and politicians for sharing experiences about assaults on the migrant employees within the state.