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Big news for those traveling by flight- Lufthansa canceled all flights between India and Germany till 20 October

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Lufthansa cancels all planned India flights- Lufthansa has canceled all flights between India and Germany from 30 September to 20 October.

Germany’s largest Lufthansa airline has canceled all its airlines for India by 20 October. Lufthansa has taken this step in protest against the decision by the DGCA, the apex body for passenger flights in India, to allow limited flights per week. Under this decision, Lufthansa has canceled all flights between India and Germany between 30 September and 20 October.

In a statement, Lufthansa said that it has taken this step after rejecting the company’s planned flight schedule for October by the Indian authorities. Due to this, the company is canceling all “planned flights” between India and Germany from 30 September to 20 October. According to the airline, India has not yet accepted the invitation of the German government to negotiate the Temperary Travel Agreement.

International passenger flights to India have been suspended since March 23 due to the Coronavirus lockdown. However, special flights have been allowed under the “air bubble” arrangement set up by India with 13 countries including Germany. According to an Indian official, during the time of the epidemic, there was a July air bubble agreement between India and Germany in which citizens of both countries were allowed to travel to each other’s country.

DGCA statement
DGCA said that the number of flights to Lufthansa operated in a week is 20. While Indian airlines operate only three to four flights a week. Despite this difference, we offered seven flights a week to Lufthansa, which was not accepted by them. speaking terms.

Lufthansa’s statement
Lufthansa has said in a statement that it had planned to operate flights in October to connect Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru with Germany and other European countries. Permission to conduct special flights was sought by the end of September. India did not accept the demand. The Indian authorities and the German government need to negotiate quickly so that thousands of Indians and other citizens of other countries do not have any problem.

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