Report Wire - Australia’s high Muslim physique invitations Taliban radicals for stay webinar, defends motion when condemned

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Australia’s high Muslim physique invitations Taliban radicals for stay webinar, defends motion when condemned

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Australia's top Muslim body invites Taliban radicals for live webinar, defends action when condemned

The Australian Federal of Islamic Councils (AFIC) has invited two Taliban radicals as audio system in a stay webinar scheduled to happen on October 16. The Afghan refugees and Australian veterans have condemned the transfer.
The two invitees are Sheikh Suhail Shaheen and Sheikh Sayed Abdul Basir Sabiri. Notably, Shaheen had been interviewed by Australian and worldwide media prior to now after the Taliban took over Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US-led forces from the nation.
AFIC webinar As per the assertion launched by AFIC, they’ve introduced collectively a “stellar panel of speakers” for the webinar. If they’re to be believed, the panel will talk about “the future of Afghanistan and our role, regardless of whether we are in favour or against recent developments.”
Refugees categorical considerations
Sitarah Mohammadi, a Refugee advocate and member of the long-persecuted Hazara minority of Afghanistan, known as it “completely inappropriate”. She mentioned that she discovered it horrifying that Taliban radicals had been getting a platform to handle the Islamic group in Australia and would possibly unfold the Talibani propaganda.
The Hazaras, as lengthy persecuted non secular minority are presently dealing with pressured land evictions and ethnic cleaning by the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. This occasion would permit the Taliban to advance its push for world legitimacy, & strengthen its oppressive rule.— Sitarah Mohammadi (@sitarah_m) October 13, 2021
She added, “As part of the Hazara community – my family and I fled the rule of the Taliban in the late 1990s – to see faces like these on a prominent event like this is really traumatising. Our people have suffered so horrifically at their hands, and continue to do so to this day.”
According to Mohammadi, the occasion would assist the Taliban in getting world legitimacy. It would possibly result in unlocking worldwide funds that will strengthen the oppressive rule over Afghanistan below the Talibani regime. She mentioned, “If anything, it legitimises them to have those members on the panel.”
Taliban shouldn’t be given a platform, say consultants
Herbert Phil Thompson, Liberal Member, known as it a misstep by the AFIC and mentioned it might outrage veterans. Notably, when Thompson was serving as a military personal in Afghanistan, he bought critically wounded after an improvised explosive machine (IEDs) exploded in shut proximity. He mentioned, “These two people from the Taliban should not be given a platform. The Taliban is an illegitimate government.”
He additional added, “We have seen young girls unable to attend school. We see girls and women treated as property. They are vile and barbaric. They rule with an iron fist and murder, and this organisation should not be given a platform in Australia.”
Senator James Paterson, chairman, federal parliament’s intelligence and safety committee, warned towards the step. He mentioned it might permit them “to support their claims of legitimacy”. Paterson added, “We should instead be doing everything we can to advance the cause of freedom for millions of Afghan girls and women who are now living under the control of a regime with a proven history of violence and brutality.”
Walt Secord, spokesperson, NSW Labor’s police and counter-terrorism, mentioned the occasion shouldn’t happen. He mentioned, “This event looks like a road map to radicalisation. I am absolutely disgusted that any organisation in Australia would provide a platform to the Taliban and their primitive views.”
AFIC justified the occasion
AFIC president Dr Rateb Jneid mentioned they’d invited the Taliban members to listen to about their intentions as a ruling regime in Afghanistan. He claimed that many Australian Muslims had expressed considerations about what has been occurring in Afghanistan as lots of them have family members who nonetheless stay there. He mentioned, “We have many families of Afghan background who are worried about their loved ones in Afghanistan, and they want to hear about the intentions of the government there. We will do what is necessary to make sure that we get the message across to our youths not to go to Afghanistan.”
Justifying giving them a platform, Jneid mentioned, “The Taliban have been given thousands of platforms all over the internet, they do not need us for a platform.” Jneid, together with National Grand Mufti of Australia, Imam Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari and Islamic authorized scholar Professor Mohammad Naqib Jan are scheduled as audio system for the occasion.
Keysar Trad, AFIC chief govt, additionally defended the occasion and known as Taliban was “recognised as the government of Afghanistan”. He added that AFIC sought to cease younger Australian Muslims from travelling to Afghanistan “for the wrong reasons” as beforehand folks had travelled to Iraq and Syria to hitch Islamic teams.
He claimed that AFIC believed the Taliban would help them in convincing younger Australian Muslims to not journey to Afghanistan. “We don’t want to see our children getting involved in foreign matters, and we certainly don’t want to see them in Supermax [prison] either,” he mentioned.