Report Wire - Asha Bhosle Reveals Lata Mangeshkar ‘Didi Is Improving’ And is ‘Better Than Before’

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Asha Bhosle Reveals Lata Mangeshkar ‘Didi Is Improving’ And is ‘Better Than Before’

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Asha Bhosle Reveals Lata Mangeshkar ‘Didi Is Improving’ And is ‘Better Than Before’

Asha Bhosle on Lata Mangeshkar’s Health: Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, who has been hospitalised in Mumbai as a consequence of covid-19 and pneumonia, is bettering and feels higher than earlier than, stated veteran singer Usha Bhosle. Lata Mangeshkar is admitted to Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital. E-Times spoke to Asha Bhosle and he or she revealed that she has to go by the well being bulletins that the hospital points day-after-day. “They aren’t allowing anybody. I went once but wasn’t allowed inside the compound itself. There are severe restrictions and protocols being followed in view of the ongoing pandemic.”Also Read – Lata Mangeshkar’s Health Slightly Improved, Doctor Shares Update Added Asha Bhosle, “Besides, I too am not very well- a bit of cough and cold. I haven’t contracted COVID; just a bit under the weather. But Didi is improving; she is better than before,” Ashaji asserted. Also Read – COVID+ Lata Mangeshkar to Remain at Hospital For 10-12 Days, Says Doctor in Official Statement Ashaji additional revealed that their sister Usha Mangeshkar has been in contact with Lataji and will get her well being updates on video calls. The physician Pratit Samdani on Thursday morning, stated that the singer’s well being has improved a bit. “Singer Lata Mangeshkar is still in the ICU ward but there has been a slight improvement in her health,” Dr Pratit Samdani advised ANI. Also Read – Lata Mangeshkar’s Health Update: Sister Usha Mangeshkar Says ‘Didi’ Might Not be Discharged Very Soon

Lata Mangeshkar was hospitalised on Tuesday after getting recognized with COVID. She was later discovered to have gotten pneumonia patches on her lungs. Her niece had stated, “Didi is absolutely stable and is alert. God has been really kind. She is a fighter and a winner and that is how we have known her for so many years”. Wishing for Lata Mangeshkar’s speedy restoration.