Report Wire - Amarinder fueled farmer protests to assault PM Modi, now it comes again to chew him

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Amarinder fueled farmer protests to assault PM Modi, now it comes again to chew him

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Tanya Trivedi

With a motive to achieve the vote share of farmers within the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections 2022, the Congress get together had been going around the clock to instigate farmers towards the ruling authorities. Amarinder Singh additionally fueled the farmers’ protest as properly to assault the central authorities. However, it appears to be like just like the protests have now come to chew the Punjab Chief Minister.‘Do not ruin Punjab’: Captain Amarinder SinghNotably, at an occasion within the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab on Monday, Chief Minister Amarinder asserted, “I just have one thing to say to farmers- tell your brothers, sisters and whosoever is protesting to not ruin Punjab. You do whatever you want to in Delhi, build pressure on them, force them to give in to your demands but don’t do all this here. I understand you are protesting in Delhi and Haryana, but why are you protesting here? We always supported you. Please leave the protests sites now.”‘Amarinder instigated the farmers’: Anil VijHitting out at Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s assertion, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij stated that it was ‘irresponsible’ and it proves that the chief minister instigated the farmers.Mr Vij took to Twitter to slam Punjab CM and tweeted, “Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh ji telling farmers to do whatever they want in Haryana or Delhi and don’t do it in Punjab is a very irresponsible statement. This proves that Amarinder Singh has done the work of instigating the farmers.”पंजाब के CM अमरिंदर सिंह का किसानों को कहना कि हरियाणा, दिल्ली में जाकर जो मर्जी करो, पंजाब में मत करो, बहुत गैर जिम्मेदाराना है। इसका मतलब है कि तुम पड़ोसी राज्य हरियाणा,दिल्ली की शांति भंग करना चाहते हो।इसका मतलब किसानों को उकसाने का काम उन्होंने ही किया है:हरियाणा के गृहमंत्री— ANI_HindiNews (@AHindinews) September 13, 2021He additional added, “The statement was very irresponsible. It means that you (Amarinder Singh) want to disrupt the peace of your neighbouring states of Haryana and Delhi. It also means that he is the one who instigated them (farmers). His statement also proves that the farmers’ protest is a protest sponsored by Amarinder Singh.”How Amarinder Singh fueled the farmers’ protests?Earlier this yr, over 20,000 protesting farmers moved in direction of Tikri Border from completely different elements of Punjab, thereby blocking the highways. Despite the surge in Covid circumstances within the nation, Chief Minister didn’t stop farmers from going to Delhi and was extra inclined in direction of sustaining silence.Read extra: 20,000 farmers from Punjab march in direction of Delhi to revive the protests, whereas Amarinder maintains silenceIn one other occasion, the CM claimed that individuals within the state weren’t getting vaccinated as a result of they have been offended concerning the ‘revolutionary’ farm legal guidelines introduced in by the Central authorities final yr.“People in Punjab are still not coming out in large numbers for vaccination due to the massive anger prevailing against the Government of India on the issue of farm laws. This anger is impacting the vaccination drive,” stated Captain Amarinder Singh throughout a video convention with Congress president Sonia Gandhi.Read extra: Amarinder’s logic 101 – People aren’t getting vaccinated as a result of they’re offended concerning the farm legal guidelinesHowever, what could be perceived as a shift in narrative, Amarinder Singh, who as soon as was defending farmers’ protest, is now requesting the farmers to depart Punjab. Now plainly the CM of Punjab has recognised that the farmers’ protest is nothing however well-planned propaganda to create chaos within the nation.