Report Wire - Agnipath scheme will create ‘dreadful’ scenario in nation: AAP MP Sanjay Singh writes to PM Modi

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Agnipath scheme will create ‘dreadful’ scenario in nation: AAP MP Sanjay Singh writes to PM Modi

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NEW DELHI: AAP MP Sanjay Singh on Wednesday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to “immediately” roll again the Agnipath army recruitment scheme, claiming that the nation will face a “dreadful situation” whether it is carried out.

Flagging a number of deficiencies within the scheme, Singh claimed that its implementation would “destroy” the fundamental construction and functionality of the military with recruitment of troopers and their deployment after merely six months of coaching.

With the scheme providing a short-term service with no pension and different advantages, Singh claimed, anti-national and prison outfits could mislead and use in opposition to the nation and the society those that wouldn’t get any job and face monetary hardships after popping out of the forces on completion of 4 years of their service.

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“It is astonishing that the government is preparing to deploy crores of youths in front of the enemy’s bayonets by providing them merely six months of training,” The AAP MP stated in his letter to the prime minister.

The nation’s military as we speak have such troopers on the borders that no energy on this planet can compete with them as a result of they underwent “one-and-a-half to two years” of rigorous and environment friendly coaching after their recruitment, Singh stated.

“Without adequate training, what will our youth be able to do other than endangering their lives as well as the security and sovereignty of the country?” he requested.

He additionally urged the prime minister to suppose what could be the mind-set of the jawans to be recruited beneath the Agnipath scheme and deployed on the borders, asking will they’ve “the morale to give a befitting reply to the enemy” when they’re frightened each second about their future after completion of 4 years of their service.

He additionally urged the prime minister to contemplate what’s going to occur if a soldier, who’s recruited beneath the scheme and skilled in dealing with all kinds weapons, is misled by anti-national and prison outfits after he returns dwelling after finishing 4 years of service and faces monetary hardships whereas being unemployed.

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“(If that happens) what a big challenge it can become for the internal security of the country and peace of the society. Certainly, efforts will be made by the anti-national and criminal outfits to mislead these young youths and use them against the country and society taking advantage of their financial hardships,” Singh stated.

The AAP MP stated the implementation of the scheme will push crores of youths of the nation into “the dark lane of despair and depression”. “In the coming years, this scheme will create such a dreadful situation in the country that perhaps the government and its machinery of that time will have to deploy all its energy in dealing with it,” he added.

Singh termed the roll-out of the scheme “an outrageous move and a foolish decision” and accused the Narendra Modi authorities of going forward with such a army recruitment plan simply to make a declare by means of “this short-cut” that it offered jobs to lakhs of individuals in a single stroke.

The AAP chief dubbed the rollout of the Agnipath scheme “petty political trickery” and urged the prime minister to “immediately withdraw this black scheme”.

He stated that India is caught in “the vicious cycle” of financial despair, inflation and unemployment because the Narendra Modi authorities has failed “miserably” in bringing the nation’s economic system again on monitor on account of its flawed insurance policies.

“In such a situation, in some way you want to reduce the pension bill of the army. That is why you are deciding to do away with the pension of army personnel through Agnipath scheme,” he charged in his letter to the prime minister.

“I would like to suggest to you that the thousands of crores which your government is spending every year on your image building, glorification and advertisement, if that expenditure is stopped, then the exchequer will get a lot of relief,” he added.